• The Lost Ways Book Review

    The lost ways (Read full review here http://www.thelostwaysreviewblog.com) is a collection of expert knowledge regarding life in the olden days and the milestones that modern societies have taken, gradually forgetting the survival means that were majorly used by the ancestors. The book is more of a safe haven meant to protect the modern-day generation from perishing in case the shields they boast of are shelled in an instance. People survived in the absence of refrigerators, electric power, television sets and hyperactive law enforcement, all of which are present in today’s society. However, this safety net is not guaranteed in the coming days because life is progressively getting dynamic.

    What should you expect from the book?

    This manuscript is a plethora of olden ideas that will save a sinking buoy in case a natural disaster strikes. The author highlights the proactive measures that help in minimizing loses in case of disasters such as diseases, famine and economic crises. Self-preservation measures are also emphasized in the eBook to help the present generation in water collection and the preparation of nutritionally viable foods. Clean foods according to the author, should be prepared using natural ingredients alone and there is an elaborate guide into the process of making everything a delicacy. Psychological and material preparation is yet another lesson from the author to save humanity from perceived zombie apocalypses, floods, tornadoes or even famine. There are multiple solutions given to scenarios where a person runs out of weapons or modern equipment to use in these disastrous situations.

    Does the book work?

    Drawing from the multiple reviews that the book has received and the practical skills taught within the pages, it is clear that it is a liberation tool. The information presented has been useful in the past and its shelf-life is far from expiring especially in a world affected by global crises such as climate change and terrorism.

    Although the lost ways book review carries some negative connotations in a handful of online platforms, it must be appreciated that the author, Claude Davis, is a survival expert. He is also an enthusiast troubled by a 21st century society that is progressively disconnecting from life skills and in collaboration with like-minded individuals this book definitely works.

    Additional packages

    Purchasing the eBook guarantees people two packages;

    • A guide to the list and process of nurturing the most nutritious plants in the backyard
    • A guide to the establishment of a functional can rotation program that contributes towards improved financial savings over time

    In summary, the lost way may be viewed as a collection of antique survival techniques but an introspective eye and inquisitive mind will make sense of the ideas presented because technology fails at times and a back-up option is the only savior.