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Review of Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton’s 100k Factory Revolution

Generating money is technique one should be known in order to live in this world. This has led to development of this company called 100K factory. Two developers Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton did join together and come up with the idea of developing the above company. This company its main purpose is to provide education or educative information concerning marketing. Both founders did have different ideas which they brought it into the table. Steve Clayton was an online marketer with an experience of ten years in the field while Aidan Booth is the brain behind the company.

The term 100K did come up because of its revenue it can generate when it is operational. It can generate up to a total of $100,000 in revenue and a given year which it can lead to the development and improvement of a country’s economy at any time. This company was launched in the year 2015, during the first year after it launching student and players in who used the policy of marketing made a stunning sales of about $9 million. This sales was so important because of the fact that the internet marketing has become so popular during sales.

Due to sales made by internet marketing this company has led to the development of a new type of a company known as 100kFactory Revolution Review. This company was officially launched on February 2017. It has payment plan and its price going as far as $2000. This new company still maintains the basic ideas of the previous company but it has incorporate a new idea of selling physical product using eCommerce market or stores.

Aidan Booth being the brain behind the company he did have 1500 websites on online marketing in different countries. This provide a great platform for the development of the 100K factory revolution. Most of the website did perform well but others did not. This idea was able to generate eCommerce which it did offer selling platform for selling physical commodities. The 100k Factory Revolution Bonus have a website which uses high traffic network which offers the following services;

  • viral content sharing ,
  • payment of social medial adds such as Facebook, they do have a searching engine specifically google and
  • finally software generating traffic

All these features do generate money because anytime someone do visit the site money is generated immediately. Also the uniqueness of the company is that it can offer training including workshops, training manuals, pdf guidelines and recorded videos. Generation of money is done by the following guidelines; AdSense being used, physicals selling of product and selling leads from emails all these can lead to the generation of $100,000 revenue.

This company ways of generating money has taught many people in the world by so providing basic ideas and ways on how to make money. One should make a point of visiting the site owned by the 100K Factory Revolution and see what they do offer in general and get the general point of having a platform of selling using online marketing.